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Toby Richards grew up in the Sourland Mountains on his grandparent's farm in Hopewell, NJ where his early years were spent drawing, painting, and photographing nature and wildlife.With his interest in animal behavior, he attended Drew University to study zoology.After graduation he followed his dream to make photographs and opened a studio with his partner in Princeton, NJ where he and his team created a diverse body of work in the studio and on location for a wide range of corporations. In 2002, he opened a new studio in downtown Lancaster, PA and moved to a 1930’s fishing cabin on the banks of the Susquehanna River where he continues to make photographs of nature and wildlife for upcoming exhibitions of his work

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Alexa Young, CA

“I hired Toby to photograph sculpture for a gallery catalogue which included the diverse work of half a dozen different sculptors. Lighting is so important, and finding just the right angle, or angles, is crucial. His professionalism was unmatched, time was efficiently respected the day of the shoot, he was open and encouraging of client input, and the work was superb on completion."

Erik Hawkinson, NJ

 “Toby gives all of his client's complete confidence that the images he shoots will be exactly how they envisioned if only they could be photographers. I hired Toby for the most important and difficult clients and I never had to worry or monitor the process to know that both my clients and the subjects would walk away satisfied and the project would be a success. From portraits to commercial use, from innovative original compositions to breathtaking results, Toby's work far bypasses any other photographers I have used in the past 20 years.”

Edmund O'Reilly, NY

"Toby is an outstanding photographer. When I was an art director at Curran and Connors in NY, I found Toby to be very professional, highly creative and extremely personable; he's just great to work with."
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